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5 Tips To Help Boost Your Sales

Written by: Robert Lalonde

Published: 14 December, 2016

The most important skill to master in direct sales is the art of schmoozing. Many people have never learned how to feel comfortable around strangers. And, if you can’t be comfortable around strangers, you will have a difficult time making them feel comfortable around you. These 5 tips to help boost your sales will also help you break the ice when speaking with people you don't know. The easiest way to make someone comfortable is to show a genuine interest in them. Ask a few questions to find out what problem they want to solve and then help them make a good decision. We like to keep it short and sweet here at Stickerbeat, so here are 5 tips to help boost your sales.

5 Tips To Help Boost Your Sales

  1. Know Your Product. Experienced one-on-one sales people will tell you that a big part of being successful in sales is product knowledge. You have to know your product and you have to know your competitor’s product.
  2. Lead with Your Biggest Benefit. What is the biggest benefit your product delivers. That’s your strongest selling point, so use it to drive interest in your product.
  3. Qualify Your Prospect. Find out what problem your prospect is trying to solve and show him how your product or service will fix it. Your product or service has many good features but your prospect is mostly interested in how it will solve his problem. Don’t talk yourself out of a sale.
  4. Be Emotional About Your Product. Customers often buy on impulse, not logic. Be excited about your product or service. Enthusiasm is contagious. Get them excited about using your product or service and you will increase sales.
  5. Ask For The Sale. Once you think the prospect is genuinely interested, ask for the sale. If they are not quite ready yet they will tell you why and you can then deal with that objection.

The Art Of Schmoozing

The best schmoozers are able to gain your trust almost immediately. These people have the ability to make you feel as if you’ve known them for a long time, even though you just met. You can train yourself to get better at this by following the five simple steps presented in this article. Make a point to really listen to your prospects when they talk and give them appropriate feedback at the right time. Don’t get into technical details unless the client appears to be interested in them. Too much information will only confuse the prospect and they will want more time before they come to a decision to buy. Some people are born with the gift, but most of us have to work at it. The good news is, even if you’re not a natural at this, you can learn these skills and with practice, you will develop the ability to win people over quickly and build lasting relationships with them. This skill will transform and advance your career or business very quickly. There you have it. You only have five things to remember. Start working on this right away and you will see a dramatic increase in the sales you close vs the ones you quote.